Quelques modifications d'IPCop non officielles / Some non official source mod for IPCop
d'IPCop logiciel firewall/partage de connection sous Linux

Sources disponibles à compiler avec une V1.4 / Availables sources to be compilated with V1.4

Wireless modules (sources only /testing purpose)
module compilation script acx100 0.2-pre8-fix5 (GPL)
module compilation script RealTek 8180 (Proprietary)(does not work at this time)
module compilation script ADMTek 8211 (Proprietary)

module compilation script fcdslusb (and modified make.sh from cvs 2004-10-10)
binary module inside to be loaded from the web interface

Speedtouch usb
Patch backport of a 2.6.19 change to support extended reach firmware with speedtouch v4.00,md5sum c75f1dfafada95773d890104002cef0e
Precompiled modem_run for IPCop patched to support extended reach firmware, md5sum 772d772c93efd315a596538d83d00268
Precompiled previous modem_run for IPCop not patched to support extended reach firmware , md5sum 8f0d2fab43fcde620460f4dcc1d9a41e
Save both under modem_run name, eventually chmod 755 /usr/sbin/modem_run

3c5x9setup binary (should work on V1.3), md5sum 46ee3567bf28d6bf2e874290c03a78c0
3c5x9setup original source, md5sum 44fb086cb0540d38cc908950408873f6

Collection of patches to be removed to make modem_run (V1.2 to v1.3.1) work again in linux-2.4.28,md5sum 589c0b9a673f7472c6b879cab2ceef37
To remove the patches from standard linux-2.4.28, goes inside the linux source directory and apply the patch with -R switch like this
patch -Np1 -R < (where the patch is registred)/linux-2.4.28-usb-exclusive.patch
This problem is fixed in linux-2.4.30

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